What is Qi?
Kay Hutchinson • I love the variety of insights that everyone is posting. Thank you!
Tony–I just don’t think in terms of separation of the styles at this stage as I have been fortunate to study with masters from a variety of traditions so my practices are an integration of what my teachers have shared and my own spirit path, though I am drawn to Wu and chen in my practices for taiji. Kwai chee low–I love how you emphasize this idea that the qi flows naturally when you achieve that obstructed flow such that it’s no longer about this orbit or that–I experience that in my practices but also in my clinical work with clients where early in my career, I had to “think” more about guiding qi, and now it is more a “feeling” and “flowing” with it for lack of better words.
kwai chee low • Yes, Kay, in order to have good healing results, it is really necessary to be able to carry out the treatment without thinking of guiding the qi; it is similar to a term used by many Martial Arts and qigong practitioners which is “To Go with the Flow”. The flow or transmission of energy to the client becomes that of the subconscious, and in my case, I would concentrate on feeling the presence of sensation coming from the client. Very often, cold can be felt, as it is being purged out.
An example is when we reach out for a glass of water; we do not need to consciously “tell” our hand to raise up and grab hold of the glass; it is automatic.
Tony Moses • Thanks Kay and KC,
You are both earthy and direct.
Qi however, does come from where it does(even the Daoist Priest will attest to this).
It is funny,how because ofe damage that “religions”have done in search of self and understanding of the spiritual plane,that most shreak in fear of the mere mention of the Creator being the source and provider of this universal energy.LOL.
Science,Only proves that it exist,and knows of it’s partial (spacial)origin.
It originates where it does.Many have cultural reference to the fact.And many have moral and ethic teachings to guarentee it’s manifestations.
Enough said,
I am always looking for refined means to the means and goal.
I myself a by product of synthesised art forms Shaolin and Daoist origins.This has been my road to progress and internal unity…Keep up the magnificient works…

(from Qigong Network)