What is Qi?
Kay Hutchinson • Thank you everyone for continuing the dialogue with such deep thoughts. Kwai Chee Low–exactly! The purging can feel either cold or my cases when I work with clients who have gone through radiation or chemo therapies, sometimes it is a hot energy as those toxins purge. Tony, how wonderful you have such a varied background and emphasize this idea that it is the time for refinements. Yes! Raven (which by the way, I love that name), I like the fullness of what you expressed. :-) It is a quite a unusual time in which we dwell where more people are aware of life force and qi and are asking vital questions to deepen their experience of it and their cultivation with it. Have a great week everyone.
Tony Moses • Thank you Kay,
You are quite knowledge yourself. I have a suggested read for you when you have the time…The Dao of Taijiquan..By Jou Tsung Hwa….A very informative read…Good Day!!
Raven Cohan • Hi Kay and thanks for adding nice things here. Yes, everything thought of as a question rather than FACT, can steady us from jumping from One side onto Another; and separate from the so-called “opposite.” If in this lifetime, (tho’ I was in other lifetimes,) of an indigenous background of so-called ‘Race’…I wouldn’t jump quickly at all to believing in 100% science or 100% religion. Neither has been respectful of ancient people’s and their tribes. Thanks for liking my name. I was born as Merle, which means “blackbird.”
When my dance partner put our names together to be the name of our act, we wanted a more glamorous name. He took St. John, (tho’ he was Puerto Rican,) and I’m glad he came up with Raven rather than “crow…” for me! You can see our photos on my Facebook page, I believe.

(from Qigong Network)