What is Qi?
Tony Moses • Qi: Universal energy/internal energy definitely derives from our Supreme and almighty God…If you don’t believe this,why call on him in distress.and whom do you really pray to,and why.Scientist call it one thing,but it is what it is.Long before scientist were in existence.What qigung “master does anyone know of that can store life to someone that has been dead 10 days?,or administer enough Qi to part the sea,that man could walk on dry ground until crossing over.Do you of astract/science based thing that this all just came to existence by explosion and chance…Qi is the life force.even in a rock….Wink
Marilyn Cooper • And yours is the only real one, right?
kwai chee low • Hahaha! I like Tony’s brand of humor, and yours too, Marilyn. And I am beginning to look forward to the colorful comments from you guys.
On the subject of Qi, my elderly friend (disciple of Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong) told me of this legend. When the grandmaster died, in accordance to Chinese tradition, he was laid in a coffin in his house to await all the sons to pay their respects and mourning. As his 6th son, James Chee was in Australia (already a citizen there), it was several days before James reached home to pay his respects.
When he placed his hands on the coffin, an intense and powerful surge of qi filled his body, and from his own account, his body was in a state of heat for several days. It seemed that his father, even though the physical body was dead, had waited for this son, so that all of his store of internal qi, which included that of the master monk who taught him the higher skills of southern Shaolin Martial Arts, could be passed on to this 6th son, to continue his lineage.

(from Qigong Network)