What is Qi?
kwai chee low • Marilyn, it is not. Perhaps you have never encountered such a type of qi sensation before. I have attended one of James Chee’s workshop and have seen firsthand, how his brother (who is nowhere as skilled or has as strong an internal neigong as James) applied a Martial Arts technique to overcome an opponent. He was standing about 12 ft away from one of the students; and I could see the fingers of his right hand moving in certain gestures (the palm does not move at all), then one of the fingers (index or middle finger) raised and pointed at the student; the latter just collapsed! This is a type of 5 element energy application. You should have a look at James Chee’s demonstration at YouTube.
kwai chee low • The higher skills of Martial Arts are not commonly revealed or taught in the West. In his later years Grandmaster Chee wrote down the advanced skills taught him by the Shaolin master monk, and returned them to Shaolin Temple. This is the reason for China to give recognition to Chee as a “National Treasure of the Republic of China” as a guardian of the Shaolin Martial Arts.
However I believe these skills are either lost or no longer taught to the Shaolin monks, as it is common knowledge now that Shaolin Temple has become commercialised, and the skills taught to the monks are generally of a lower level.

(from Qigong Network)