What is Qi?
Boz Odusanya • Chi is everything, guess you can did and dig and find more – because everything conceived is our (My, I, You ,Them, We) opinion, view, and belief. My opinion is that chi is in everything, so many ways of how we control it – on the most just imagination. KC your comments on grandmaster Chee has just flowed Qi into the mystical https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVdANNX2zP4, talking about TCM put Qi into the mystical (however -seems logical and scientific). At the moment I am going to Reiki classes to learn about it all. Very interesting, seems to complement Qi Gong. The Baihui and Hui Yin are interpreted as the ‘ Base Chakra’ and the ‘Crown Chakra’. As we seek more, it is just a journey that most of the time is enjoyable. ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’.
Marilyn Cooper • Just looked at the youtube demo. All the students braced, used force and were not relaxed. I have never been moved without being touched. I have been dropped to the floor with a slight touch, but it was a matter of my stiffness and the teacher’s awareness. Like Boz, I also believe “it’s all Qi.” The material world is just a manifestation of spirit, that which we can see and touch.
kwai chee low • Marilyn, I believe every practitioner whether in Martial Arts or Qigong has his/her own different experience or sensation of qi. It is from my own experience that during the last day of James Chee’s workshop that I attended, he “opened” everyone’s “energy gates”. Then he demonstrated that qi can be transmitted to inanimate objects; he had cellophane tapes stuck in a certain position as indicator for each of us to place our feet; and he energised the tapes. Then each of us took turns to place our feet on the tape and applying James’s protocol, directed our qi to another student who was about 30feet away. Due to my qigong background, and with the help of James’s transmitted qi in the tapes, the student was seen to stagger backwards several steps.
A note on the opening of the energy gates; what James did was to place his palms on our back and send in energy for several minutes; I could feel a hot surge of energy moving in my body when it was my turn; and I could feel an improvement in my internal qi during my subsequent qigong practice.
I consider Master James as one of many teachers and masters who helped me on my qigong and healing journey.

(from Qigong Network)