What is Qi?
kwai chee low • Hi Boz, glad to hear from you. Happy for you too that you are looking at other modalities to complement your qigong. After you have mastered Reiki, try to give Quantum Touch a go.
In my case, I find that QT is easier to learn and practise (definitely cheaper); you do not need to rely on an attunement; you rely on yourself. If you read Alain Harriot’s book “Supercharging Quantum Touch” he mentioned that he had a qigong background but later found QT to be even more powerful as a healing modality.
Every practitioner has a different constitution, whether physical, emotional or spiritual; but it is to his/her advantage to explore other modalities, to find out which is the most suitable whether as the primary modality or a complementary one.
Martin Eisen • See – Are There Dangerous Qigong Teachers? at
Marilyn Cooper • I would not argue against what you have experienced, of course. I have induced some interesting experiences in myself from my own training. I also have asked people who I had heard could move people without touching them to move me and they refused. That is why I am skeptical.
Paul Faletti • Thank you to everyone who is responding to this discussion. I am not highly schooled in this concept. I have only limited practice in Qi Gong from classes I have taken through JFK University in Pleasant Hill, California. I have understood Qi as the energy that is within each of us and all around us. I am interested in hearing more about how different people view and experience this energy.

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