What is Qi?
Marilyn Cooper • You can try coming to my classes and experience Qi for yourself! Schedule is here:
Paul Faletti • Thank you, Marilyn. I will keep your offer in mind.
Raven Cohan • We all think we experience different things. Our ‘beliefs’ are relayed in a discussion like this, shaming some for their’ beliefs’. Some come from backgrounds opposed to what we now’ believe.’ We all hope everyone will come to their senses and convert or simply hop over the fence to ‘our side.’ But Qi ‘believers’ who don’t know that qi is more than energy, (that is a layer of external power that can be seen more easily and felt more easily than the Invisible Oneness. Most can’t see the internal power: the Spirit. The religious want only their brand, the scientists want proof of every iota of anything that, in their opinion must be lab proven or throw it in the garbage. Wars become bores when this is repeated by new and old writers here and anywhere.
Why are we not looking under the one blanket that hides our ONENESS. Spirit is a shape shifter. ( Tony! You have native American in you and must have a feeling for the transformations of one living thing into another, no? )Paul, I hope you take Marilyn up on her offer. Let’s all keep searching for proofs about how we each believe we differ one from the other??? No…It could be an improvement if we accept the underlying ONENESS inside each and all of us. Does anyone think, by the way… re. Martin’s article, that stage magicians are different from the young man who is having a few thousand experience Qi in workshops he gives, (where eventually he certifies teachers, when he himself has never been certified by anyone…) And his father was a stage magician. And he majored in Marketing. I name no names.
kwai chee low • Marilyn, I wonder whether you have tried this before as a way to gauge whether your student has progressed in his/her internal energy cultivation:
1. While sitting at a table (made of wood, stone, marble, etc), ask your student to place his/her left palm below the part of the table near where he/she is sitting; and hold the other palm above the table directly over the left palm
2. Slowly rotate the top (right) palm in the clock-wise direction several times, then repeat in the opposite direction
3. The qi should have penetrated the table and would be felt be the lower (left palm)
4. By varying the distance of the top palm above the table one week later, the student’s energy cultivation can then be roughly gauged as to whether there has been any improvement
The above is just one of the many ways of transmitting qi.

(from Qigong Network)