What is Qi?
Marilyn Cooper • No-never tried that. Rather than tables, we use other whole people and try to move them and absorb their force.
Tony Moses • Raven,
I’ve witnessed many things(especially,from my family and self)..Energy is what it is,and emagination/intent/faith can achieve anything.I don’t practice the ways of the shaman.
But,I do separate (due to documented truth,you call religion)from folks that pervert to origin and purpose of creation and use of power and privilage..
Some actually feel they have more than they really do.However,
When they are abruptly disrupted with extreme voltage crumble,and ask why was mercy and consideration not shown.This is why folks are only shown just enough to humble themselves.And those that are humbled,learn appreciation and responsibilty.
Most are really causing far more damage to themselves,than they could ever another..
I am concerned with the healing power of nature,the destructive aspect is quite easy once understood.If one can heal,then surely one can harm…Wink
Tony Moses • He who follows many paths,ends up with no path.
There are many roads that seem correct,but lead to destruction..
kwai chee low • Bro Tony, in the Emperor’s Inner Classics, there was a comment pertaining to the micro-orbit; it says, “When qi flows strongly and unimpeded from the Governor channel to the Conception channel, one is free from a hundred ailments”.
I would like to share with you and readers of this thread, a simple method of unblocking, activating and energising the Governor and Conception channels so that the qi can flow unimpeded in the micro-orbit, which you can carry out for your students as a way to accelerate their qigong and Martial Arts progress:
* Stand on the left side of your student; make sure he/she is relaxed in mind and body and breathing naturally
* Place your right palm at the level of the student’s Huiyin (Root chakra), about 2-3inches from the body
* Transmit qi while your right palm slowly sweeps upwards along the spine until it is above the student’s Baihui (crown chakra)
* Bring your right palm back to your side and replace it with your left palm (still above the Baihui)
* Transmit qi while your left palm slowly sweeps down the head, neck, face and the Conception channel, until it reaches the level of the Huiyin
* Place your right palm again at the level of the Huiyin, thus facing your left palm, and pause momentarily, then bring back your left palm, and repeat the whole process with the right palm, sweeping up the Governor channel….
To be effective, whoever transmits the energy should have strong internal energy and able to transmit energy from his/her palms.
This method is also used in healing, especially to strengthen the energy level of a weak patient.
Marilyn Cooper • Tony, you seem to think there is only one path and that’s the one you’re on and others are misguided and bound for destruction.

(from Qigong Network)