All Tai Chi & Kung Fu Friends,

The idea about “Tai Chi & Kung Fu World Trip” came to my mind a couple of years ago.

The idea is still rough:
1, Where to start? Ningbo where I live, then where is the next stop,,,Shaolin and Wudang is a must…
2, What do I do on the trip? Meet tai chi, Kung Fu practitioners; take pics and write something about Tai Chi & Kung Fu; introduce about local place and local food; update what I see and what I think on my site; anything else?
3, Is there any one that has the same idea?

I has been asked myself: ” If your business could support the trip, would you still like to go.” Yes, I would love.

Welcome any advice, and support my business (this is niche market.)to help my dream to come true, thanks!

Tai Chi Suits by Cathy

Cathy Yao