People are practicing Tai Ch in Yanwu Park, Jiangdong district, Ningbo in 7am morning. Some of are playing Yang style Tai Chi, of playing Tai Chi sword, or tai Chi fan. most of them are all retired, living near neighborhood come to this park to do Tai Chi practice in every morning if it doesn’t rain, it is their lifestyle. Tai Chi is the best way to gain healthy benefits for old people in China.

They are a couple in the above pic, I talked a little with the lady. She told me every morning they come to here to do Tai Chi, her husband has not got sick since he did Tai Chi more than 10 years ago. And I was touched by her amazing positive attribute. She asked me ” Do you have stress?” I said yes. She said:”no worries, just be yourself. Such as like me: once I open my eyes in the morning means I make money about RMB100 yuan ($15.6) today, why am I not happy. She has retirement pension about RMB3000 yuan every month. She said I am 60 years old, I am enjoying my life.

She also told me she has a 30 years old daughter, she is a teacher in an university, she is still single. I don’t worried if she is single or not, and it is fine for me if she will not get married forever. I asked her if it is also fine for her husband, she teased he is a fuddy duddy. hehe!

Some changes has slowly made in China, I like the changes.

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