Hello everyone! My name is Yao Hai Ya, but you can call me Cathy. I am from China. I started learning 85 set Yang style Tai Chi in August, 2010. I practice Tai Chi 5 days per week. I get up at 6 o’clock and walk 30 minutes to a park where I work out with about 60 other people. We spend 28 mins on 85 sets, then 40 mins on stretching our legs and Zhan Zhuang (I wish I could do it right). I really enjoy Tai Chi because it makes me feel tranquil and happy. It has become a big part of my life.

You may wonder how I got started doing this business. I needed to buy a Tai Chi suit after I practiced for half of year. I spent a couple of days trying to find one online. I knew what I wanted – something comfortable, high quality and affordable. My eyes lit up when I saw Tai Chi suit in the shop which became my supplier. I said to myself, “That’s exactly what I am looking for! I can’t believe Tai Chi suits can be made so much nice, they are more artwork than clothing.” Although they are a little more expensive, they are really worth it.

I got to know the manager after talking with her several times. The brand Oriental Impression is from Taiwan, the head quarter is in Taiwan, and there is a factory on the mainland. We also found we have a lot in common. We were born in 1970s; we both like Tai Chi; we don’t like to dye our hair. The most important thing is that we have same values — we love freedom and equality. Both of us are worried that China is the World’s Factory because almost factories are making a tiny profit, using enormous resource, and severely polluting our homeland. We like to do charity. We have become friends, we like each other, and we trust each other, although we have not met each other. We decided to become partners.

I like the products and my partner, and I love Tai Chi, that’s why I’m doing this business.
Tai Chi Suits by Cathy was named the authorized sole agent of Oriental Impression in the overseas market in March,2010.

My dream started from there! I wanna fly!

Thank you very much!

Oriental Impression- Your Best Choice!

–The designated supplier of Tai Chi suit for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo Tai chi Chuan performance and the 2010 Hong Kong Wushu International Festival.

Introduction of Oriental Impression:

The brand name Oriental Impression, originating in Taiwan, involves lay Buddhist wear, Tai Chi suit, meditation clothing, meditation shoes and the like. We uphold the design concept of “being as casual as you please,” which we believe will help you enjoy show these elegant styles and rich Oriental feelings.

The brand Oriental Impression belongs to Taiwan XingLu Clothing Company which now owns 3 exclusive shops and 16 franchises. The company has set up factories in mainland China with Shanghai as its sales center

Product feature of Oriental Impression:

All Oriental Impression clothing has delicate hand-made and automatically-made patterns that are well-tailored with a soft fine feel. Our main range of eco-friendly cotton/linen fabric is safe and unlikely to fade. Manual sewing, rather than machine, is applied to the hems, which will bring you not only long and healthy wear, but keeps its line as well.

Service Oriental Impression:

Oriental Impression will serve you, whether you prefer ready-made or made-to-order.

Please check out our products on this site. We would love to hear from you if you want more information on our items and our latest developments.

Please feel free to contact us at taichisuitsbycathy@gmail.com if you need anything!