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Traditional Chinese Wedding Customs

I would like to share some Chinese traditional wedding customs with you after I had a great time in my cousin's wedding party in Ningbo on May.3rd, 2016. The farewell meal (Shang Jiao Fan) of my cousin in red dress was fed by her "good fortune" seniority sitting on her mother's legs, the meal consists [...]

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Whip Cracking

The lady from Chenjiagou is cracking a 2 kgs whip...she is also a Chen style Tai Chi teacher. Chenjiagou is the birthplace of Taijiquan (Tai Chi). This video was took by Cathy in Ningbo Younger Stadium on Apr.16th 2016. Here is the video: Whip Cracking

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People Practicing Tai Chi

People are practicing Tai Ch in Yanwu Park, Jiangdong district, Ningbo in 7am morning. Some of are playing Yang style Tai Chi, of playing Tai Chi sword, or tai Chi fan. most of them are all retired, living near neighborhood come to this park to do Tai Chi practice in every morning if it doesn’t [...]

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When Tai Chi Met Butterly Lovers

The couple were doing Tai Chi with butterfly lovers music, they turned into Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, they were joyful they felt like friends when they first met each other. He was surprised when he found finally out he was a woman. They were happy when they loved each other and decided to get [...]

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An Idea about Tai Chi & Kung Fu World Trip

All Tai Chi & Kung Fu Friends, The idea about "Tai Chi & Kung Fu World Trip" came to my mind a couple of years ago. The idea is still rough: 1, Where to start? Ningbo where I live, then where is the next stop,,,Shaolin and Wudang is a must... 2, What do I do [...]

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