Payment Terms:
All prices are in US dollars.
We accept PayPal and Western Union. ( We recommend Western Union when the price of an order is more than $400. Thanks for your support and understanding. )

Customs Charges:
You need to be aware that you may have to pay Customs Charges, and additional charges for customs clearance must be fulfilled by the recipient. As we know how much the fee is: about £20 to most western European countries even if an amount is below a curtain value, no charges to the US.

How do I order a custom made suit?
Please provide us with your height ( ft ), weight ( lb ), neck circumference ( in ), chest circumference ( in ), waist ( in ), hip ( in ) if you would like to order a custom made suit. Do not allow any extra as we add the necessary fabric to get the correct fit. Except for those items on our site which are specified as custom-made, an additional $25 per suit will be charged to custom-fit standard items. No additional charge if you are ordering 10 or more of the same item. Please add 7-15 business days for making these types of items. Please provide thighs, lower abdomen and “rise” (the distance between the crotch to the waist) measurements if you have a disproportionate or “pear” shape. Please feel free to contact me before you make an order if you have any concerns.

Only OPP bag packaging:
All suits only OPP bag packaging is used for environmental reason. No ingredient labels are attached because of the small quantity production.

About restocking:
Unless a fabric is out of stock, it usually takes 5-7 business days to restock when a suit is out of stock.

Exchanges & Returns:
Exchanges and returns are available for any problem with quality. In these cases, the shipping cost will be paid by us. Customers will have to pay the shipping cost if the wrong size is ordered. Returned items must be in original condition. All returns must be postmarked within 7 days of receipt of your package. All returns should be mailed to our address in China. (Custom-made items not included since they are not returnable.)

Shipping Terms:
We ship within 2-3 business days upon receiving your cleared payment. Most custom-made items are made in Taiwan, it takes 7-15 days to arrive at your address from there. We provide free shipping to most western European countries, the US, Canada, Japan, Singapore and some other Asian Countries via express shipping, it usually takes 7-28 business days to arrive. We also provide express shipping if you want to receive a package earlier and pay its shipping cost. (Express shipping cost is based on weight, $20 for the first 0.5kg, add extra $5 per additional 0.5kg, it usually takes 7-10 days to arrive.)

Why do you need a Tai Chi suit?
Its like going on a date if you shower or do not shower.
You just feel better on your date if you shower.
Wearing a suit make you feel better when you are doing it.

How to choose the right Traditional Tai Chi suit?
The traditional tai chi suit has a mandarin collar and has seven frog buttons on the front. There are two frog buttons on each cuff. As you look at the image please notice that the top seems large across the shoulders, chest and waist. That extra room is to allow you totally free movement: there should be no pulling regardless of how much body twisting or arm extension you need to do in practice. The top is made from a single piece of fabric (except the lower part of the sleeves which are joined by a seam); again this design facilitates movement. There are no sets in sleeves and the material folds gently around the front of the shoulders. The sleeves are meant to be relatively long; they should fold over and touch the first knuckle of your thumb when your arms are straight and relaxed. The tai chi top has two side splits to allow you to perform deep bends and lunges unimpeded. The top is long and should fully cover your buttock and crotch area during exercise, it should be the length of your index finger if your hand is resting on your leg.
The bottom part of a tai chi suit has soft, non-restrictive, elastic at the waist and at the ankles. Like the top, there must be plenty of room at the waist and hips. The crotch should be long; reaching to about 1/3 to ½ down the length of your inner thigh. Also, there is a gusset so that there is no pulling, or need for adjustment, during any bending or stretching movements. The pants length is long; they should fold over and touch the top of the shoes at the arch of the foot when you are standing upright. This extra length is necessary to allow you to perform deep bends and high kicks.

Fabric of our Tai Chi suits and Kung Fu uniforms:
As with any sport, clothes made of eco-friendly natural fabric that allows air circulation are more comfortable to practice in.
We use high quality cotton, linen, ramie, 100% mulberry silk, and cotton linen to produce our eco-friendly natural fabrics for our Tai Chi suits.

More features of our Tai Chi suits and Kung Fu uniforms:
3 Cuff choices: Opening Cuffs, Cuffs can be opened or fastened by a frog-shaped button, cuffs fastened by 2 or 3 Frog-shaped Buttons.
4 Seasons choices: Tai Chi suits and Kung Fu uniform for Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.
2 Pants choices: Tai Chi/Kung Fu pants with elastic ankles, Straight leg pants with opening ankles.
We also feature accents on our uniforms that are either embroidered, hand-painted or hand-dyed to express the beauty of Oriental culture.

How do you choose a better fitting Tai Chi shirt and pants?
Step 1, Please reference the size chart to choose a size after adding extra 6 to 8 inches/15 to 20cm based on your actual body measurements “around your body” (Chest all the way around, Waist, and hips too)
Step 2, Then choose a size based on your height and your weight. Please choose a larger size than the usual size if you have a heavy body, please choose a smaller size than the usual size if you have a petite body, and please choose the usual size if you have an average body.

Foot Gear:
We have specific suggestions for foot gear. Thin-soled Chinese slippers or specific shoes made for tai chi are preferred. Steer away from running shoes or sneakers because they are too heavy. Practicing tai chi barefoot is not suggested because the pressure from some poses can result in calluses on the soles of your feet. The shoe or slipper should fit comfortably and not be so loose that they slip as you move. Socks are discouraged because they do not provide stable footing and are slippery if you are practicing in a gym or other space with wood floors.