(From Taiwan) Taiwan Hemp Embroidered Butterfly Sleeve Shaped Tai Chi Performance Wear

/(From Taiwan) Taiwan Hemp Embroidered Butterfly Sleeve Shaped Tai Chi Performance Wear
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(From Taiwan) Taiwan Hemp Embroidered Butterfly Sleeve Shaped Tai Chi Performance Wear


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Chinese Tai Chi clothing – Perfect for doing Tai Chi Chuan, Kung Fu, Martial Arts!

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Product Description

Women Tai Chi Clothing with Surplice Collar (Slanting Jin) and shaped style. Surplice is a standard collar of Qipao.

Long Sleeve embroidered Qinghua porclain shaped Top without Shoulder Seam. (Qinghua porcelain: The generally known Qinghua porcelain of China is actually a white porcelain body painted with blue pattern in cobalt. This category of Chinese porcelain carries the most classic blue of the traditional Chinese art.)
Fabric: Taiwan hemp, it is also called high elastic hemp, it is synthetic light weight fabric.
Traditional Mandarin collar with hand-made frog-shaped buttons.
Butterfly Sleeve.

Pants with elastic ankles.
Fabric: Taiwan hemp, it is also called high elastic hemp, it is synthetic light weight fabric.
Elastic waist with cotton bands and drawstring at the waist.
One seam inside pocket on the right side.

Advantages of Taiwan hemp:
1. It is very soft, comfortable and breathable.
2. It drapes well, wrinkle free.

Washing and Drying Instructions:
Dry clean or hand wash with gentle soap in cold water.
Hang dry out in the sun and iron carefully at low temperature setting if hand washed.

About Qipao: (We hope we can introduce a little bit Chinese culture to you.)
Qipao (旗袍) or cheongsam are one-piece Chinese dresses that have been worn since the Manchu ruled China in the 17th century.

What Does a Qipao Look Like?
The original qipao was wide and baggy. The one-piece dress featured a high neck and straight skirt. It covered all of a woman’s body except for her head, hands, and toes. The qipao was traditionally made of silk and featured intricate embroidery.
The qipao worn today are modeled after ones made in Shanghai in the 1920s. The modern qipao is a one-piece, formfitting, floor length dress that has a high slit on one or both sides. Modern variations may have bell sleeves or be sleeveless and are made out of a variety of fabrics.

When Is a Qipao Worn?
In the 17th century, the qipao was worn nearly every day. Nowadays, the qipao is worn during formal occasions like weddings, parties, and beauty pageants. The qipao is also used as a uniform at restaurants, hotels, and on airplanes in Asia.

Who Came Up with the Design of the Qipao?
During Manchu rule, Nurhachi (努爾哈赤, Nǔ’ěrhāchì), a chieftan, established the Banner System, a structure for organizing all Manchu families into administrative divisions.
The traditional dress that Manchu women wore became known as the qipao (旗袍, banner gown).
After 1636, all Han Chinese men in the banner system had to wear the male version of the qipao, chángpáo (長袍). In the 1920s in Shanghai, the dress was modernized and became popular among celebrities and the upper class. The dress became less popular when Communist rule began in 1949. The Shanghainese took the dress to Hong Kong where it remained popular in the 1950s with working women who often paired it with a jacket. An off-the-rack qipao can cost about $100 while tailor made ones can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

There is a legend about cheongsam. It goes that a young fisher girl lived by the Jingbo Lake. She was not only beautiful, but also smart and shrewdly. But when fishing, she often felt uncomfortable by her long and wide dress. Then an idea beat her : why not make a more useful dress for work ? She got down to sewing and produced a long button gown with sews, which enabled her to tuck in the front piece of her dress, thus making her job much easier. As a fisher girl, she had never dreamt that there was a great fortune would befall on her.

The young emperor who ruled China at that time had a dream in one night. In the dream, his dead father told him that a lovely female fisher in cheongsam by the Jingbo Lake would suitable to be his queen. After awakening from his deep sleep, the emperor sent his minister to look for her. And believe, there she was ! So she became the queen, bringing her cheongsam with her. Manchu (one of the ethnic minorities in northern China) women all followed suit and soon the cheongsam became popular.

We do not know whether the story is true or not. But one dress is certain. Before cheongsam, there is clothes came from the Manchu who grew out of ancient Nvzhen tribes. In the early 17th century, Nurhachi, a great political and military strategist, unified the various Nvzhen tribes and set up the Eight-banner System. Over the years, a collarless, tube-shaped gown was developed, which was worn by both men and women. That is the embryo of the cheongsam. The dress is called cheongsam in Chinese or translated as “banner gown” (qipao), for it came from the people who lived under the Banner System. Every expert considered that modern cheongsam was born in early 20th century, and became popular in 1930s. The 1920s was the jumping-off point of cheongsam’s fashion. And 1930s to 1950s was the top of cheongsam’s fashion. There were lots of famous women in Shanghai enjoyed this new type of dress, it soon became a fashion in Shanghai. Because of Shanghai’s repute in China, the Cheongsam became popular in all over China at once.

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