Product Description

High quality Tai Chi slippers with multi-layered cotton soles stitched (about 7 layers with 21000 stitches), perfect for Tai Chi practice, and also great for Chinese Kung Fu, Chinese Wushu. This cloth shoes are flexible, lightweight, comfortable and durable.

Cloth shoes are very practical for some practitioners. The chief benefit is that you have immediate connection with the ground. Second to this, they are really cheap and they pack up flat so they are easy to carry.

About manufacturing sole:
Sewing the materials of cloth shoes almost always begins from the sole, perhaps the most important part in the manufacture process. Shoemakers cut out most of the sole with sole fabric based on a paper sample or a toasted asparagus cortex sample of a sole. They will then paste the soles into one until the whole sole is about 1 or 2 centimeters thick.
It’s said the sole of cloth shoes has thousands of layers, but there are actually only about five layers. The term, “sole of one thousand layers” is exaggerated to describe the sole’s many layers and the complicated manufacturing process. After pasting, a tailor will sew “the sole of one thousand layers”, which is called the “Na” sole. It should begin along the edge and be kept one centimeter away. It should use back stitches to sew and circle the sole twice while keep the line neat and tight. The knots and uncovered threads should look like a queue of ants. After sewing the edge, tailors can sew the part into a loop. There are many stitches included in the process such as parallel stitching and herringbone stitching. Only after observation or with the guidance of a teacher can beginners work it out.